Photomosaics are pictures made of many small photographic pieces.
To create photomosaics, just like traditional mosaic, little pieces are combined and placed side by side in order to build a bigger image.

The result is a graphic representation which always leaves the observers astonished. If a photomosaic is viewed from a certain distance, you can easily recognize the whole image. As you come closer, you will start to distinguish the little pictures and you'll loose the perception of the whole.
For this reason photomosaics have a strong visual impact on its viewers.

Moreover photomosaics are particularly meaningful when the small pictures and the whole have a connection.
E.g in portraits, the pieces can describe character, preferences, place of origin, hobbies and anything desired of the represented subject.

For simple subjects photomosaics can be quite small with only a few hundreds pieces:

The pieces become thousands when creating more complex pictures or portraits, keeping as much details as possible, in order to make it the most alike to the original picture.

ArtisticDesign can:
Create a photomosaic of your portrait
Create photomosaics from your favourite pictures
Create photomosaics using images having a connection with the main subject

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